Senate Majority Leader Schumer unveils a regulatory framework to address the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) platforms

By: LSN Partners on June 22, 2023

On Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) unveiled a regulatory framework for Congress to address the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) platforms. Senator Schumer said that the development of AI is occurring at a rate that outpaces the ability of Congress to regulate it through its traditional Committee processes and that Congress will need to take a new and unique approach to develop AI legislation.

The Majority Leader proposed a two-pronged approach. The first is his Security, Accountability, Foundation & Explainability (SAFE) innovation framework which will provide the theoretical and doctrinal foundation for Congress’s approach to AI issues.


 The SAFE framework offers high-level questions policymakers must address when it comes to AI:
(1) What is the proper balance between competition and collaboration in the corporate development of AI technology?
(2) How many policies of taxation and subsidization should be applied to the AI industry?
(3) What is the proper balance between private and open AI?
(4) How do we democratize the AI industry to ensure fair competition?




The second proposal is creating a Congressional “AI-Insight Forum” series to make substantive policy recommendations and be empowered to move quicker than the traditional committee-hearing process. The AI-Insight Forums will channel the broad approach from the SAFE framework into workable policy solutions. Senator Schumer plans to hold AI-Insight Forums on the following topics:

  • Asking the right questions
  • Use cases and risk management
  • Workforce impacts
  • National Security
  • Doomsday scenarios285,700+ Artificial Intelligence Stock Photos, Pictures ...AI’s role in the social world
  • Transparency, explainability, and alignment
  • Privacy and liability
  • AI innovationCopyright and intellectual property

Senator Schumer said he expects the forum series to begin in the fall. They will not produce legislation directly but make recommendations that House and Senate Committees can swiftly package into formal legislation.
In addition to himself, Senator Schumer selected a bipartisan group of three Senators to lead this forum series: Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM), Sen. Todd Young (R-IN), and Sen. Mike Rounds (R-SD). 

This new approach underscores the urgency of creating AI regulations. The proposal has the ability to significantly alter the legislative process and set a precedent for increased use of expert assistance when crafting legislation.