LSN Communications

In a rapidly changing world with innumerable ways to communicate, a strong and impactful communications strategy must be a core component of a company’s overall strategy.

The bipartisan and bilingual LSN Communications team offers clients exceptional public relations, crisis and corporate communications, and strategic communications consulting services. We convey complex messages to decision-makers, the media, and the general public.

The face of government affairs is rapidly evolving and a comprehensive communications strategy is a crucial part of any effective advocacy campaign, supplementing traditional advocacy efforts.

LSN Communications leverages a vast network of media relationships and cutting-edge strategies to deliver results and shape conversations on behalf of our clients. For any given project — from procurements to unforeseen crises and threats to your business — LSN Communications assists in developing a winning message to the stakeholders and making sure it is delivered effectively across multiple mediums.

There are many instances where business objectives require securing support from elected officials, the general public, or a particular constituency. LSN Communications frequently creates and implements tailor-made grassroots campaigns that employ strategies from Town Hall meetings and op-ed placement to organizing supporters at community meetings.

LSN Communications specializes in these grassroots and grasstops efforts at the local, state, and national levels!


Grassroots &
Grasstops Advocacy

Our Services & Solutions Include:

  • Public relations
  • Crisis communications
  • Media strategy and management
  • Advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Development of grassroots and grasstops campaigns
  • Issue advocacy campaigns
  • Spanish-language media/advertising efforts
  • Online and social media advocacy