Company overview

LSN Partners helps clients build relationships, earn government contracts and achieve business objectives and goals at the local, state, and national levels.

LSN’s bipartisan team offers a wealth of experience in government affairs, law, business, finance, healthcare, technology, and political strategy. This collective experience — along with its extensive national network of business leaders and government advocates — allows LSN to service clients in all 50 states and several countries throughout the world.

Simply put, LSN provides “a global reach with a local perspective.


Headquartered in South Florida, LSN is recognized as a leading government law and consulting firm in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties and all incorporated municipalities. LSN’s deep local roots and understanding of local government help solve regulatory issues and earn billions of dollars in government procured contracts for clients in diverse business categories, including:  transportation, aviation, real estate development, technology, healthcare, energy, advertising, construction, engineering, infrastructure, telecommunications, financial services, security services, disaster management and recovery, and property maintenance.

The LSN “local” reach extends far beyond South Florida and is guided by relationships with local officials such as Mayors across the country. LSN’s involvement with organizations such as the U.S. Conference of Mayors, the National League of Cities, Democratic Municipal Officials (DMO), and many other organizations including local leagues and chambers strengthens LSN’s network. LSN services clients’ needs in hundreds of major cities throughout the U.S.


LSN’s Tallahassee office is uniquely qualified to provide strategic advice on governmental matters in the State of Florida due to extensive experience in the executive and legislative branches of state government. The LSN team advises clients through state procurements, regulatory challenges, manages state legislative advocacy efforts, identifies and advises on economic development and incentive opportunities, and facilitates relationships with key state decision-makers.

For more than a decade and presently, LSN proudly serves an integral role with organizations such as the National Governors Association (NGA), Democratic Governors Association (DGA), and Republican Governors Association (RGA); regularly attending conferences, hosting governors and senior officials and assisting wherever needed. This exposure enables the LSN team to assist clients with relationship building and maintenance, as well as executive-level matters in most Democratic and Republican states.


The LSN Washington, DC office serves as the epicenter of national and federal advocacy efforts. LSN’s federal team combines the knowledge of individuals with decades of irreplaceable and vast experience, such as high-level positions in the federal government, including roles in the White House, State Department, Department of Defense, and Capitol Hill during multiple administrations.

Armed with a deep understanding of the complex workings of the federal government, the LSN team helps clients develop and execute successful advocacy and business development campaigns, guides clients through federal procurements, and facilitates introductions and communications with key elected and appointed officials – on both sides of the aisle.

Having successfully worked with Executive and Legislative Branch leaders to create new federal programs, direct significant federal funding and raise clients’ profiles as “thought leaders” in Washington, DC, LSN has a deep understanding of the legislative, regulatory, and appropriations processes. LSN provides customized strategies to achieve clients’ federal goals interworkings of local, state, and national.

“What differentiates LSN is our team, our work ethic and our dedication. Whether working on a local, state, or national matter, the approach is always the same. We strive to be the most effective government advocates while being reliable and ethical partners to our clients. We utilize collective experience and creativity to help clients succeed and grow their businesses. We are proud and honored to have the opportunity to partner with many companies and nonprofits, and be an integral part of their success,” 

– Founder and Managing Partner, Alex Heckler.