Michele BurgerPartner

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Areas of focus
  • Communications & Messaging
  • Public policy & Legislation
  • Strategy & Execution
  • Local government
  • Large scale event strategy

Michele Burger, Partner at LSN Partners, LLC, utilizes three decades of experience working in the public and private sectors to focus on strategic planning, policy development, and non-profit management. In collaboration with The Aspen Institute, Michele is the creator of Miami Beach Aspen Ideas Climate, an annual global solutions-focused event designed for the public to interact, learn, and collaborate with thinkers and doers whose actions are critical to addressing climate-related challenges.

Before joining LSN, Ms. Burger served as Chief of Staff to two Mayors of the City of Miami Beach, where she played a crucial role in all areas, including land use, infrastructure development, the arts, resiliency and public health, namely, the COVID-19 pandemic. As a Legislative Aide in the Florida Senate and House of Representatives, Ms. Burger acquired immense knowledge of the appropriations process, healthcare, and environmental issues. Throughout her career, Michele consistently provided strategic and legislative advice to elected officials at local or state levels.

Additionally, Michele’s expertise extends to major events and fundraising. She successfully spearheaded some of the largest local, regional, and national events in South Florida and she played a significant role in developing strategy and branding to pass local referenda as well as a statewide constitutional amendment.

Ms. Burger has been recognized locally and nationally with numerous honors, including the Harold Grinspoon Foundation National Volunteer Board Member of the Year, City of Miami Beach Women Worth Knowing, and Gift of Life Honoree. She has served on local and national boards including United Way, Center for Advancement of Jewish Education, March of the Living, and Camp Judaea.

Michele is a graduate of the University of Florida, an avid art collector and supporter of the performing and visual arts community. She has three children and enjoys cooking and traveling.