Alexander P. Heckler

Founder & Managing Partner

Published in the May 2021 and June 2021Edition of Miami Magazine 

Alexander P. Heckler, a Miami Beach-based attorney, and advocate is the Founder and Managing Partner of LSN Partners. Heckler has “always had an interest in government and politics,” he said as he recalled the moment that changed the trajectory of his life. While interning for the iconic Senator Ted Kennedy in Boston, “I answered a call from a terrified elderly woman whose heat had been turned off during a blizzard. When I called the gas company and explained the situation, her gas was turned back on immediately. We literally saved her from freezing to death.” Recognizing the impact of public service and advocacy, Heckler went to law school, spent nearly a decade working at prestigious national law firms, and in 2010 founded LSN Partners, LLC consulting firm and later with Partner Marcelo Llorente, the Llorente & Heckler PA law firm.

Fast forward to today, LSN is a unique national firm that focuses on government procurement and regulatory matters at the Local, State, and National levels. LSN has one of the strongest government advocacy practices in South Florida as well as a stellar state and federal practice. LSN truly provides a global reach with a local perspective. According to Heckler, “Our success is simple. We have an exceptional team.”

The LSN practice is thriving and recently announced expansions in South Florida and Washington, DC. Heckler’s success has additional benefits. He and his wife Tiffany have welcomed some of the most accomplished and inspiring Democratic leaders into their home, including Presidents Obama and Clinton, Vice President Kamala Harris, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi among many others.